A Petite Fair


A Petite Fair is a very small scale art fair during capital A – Amsterdam art weekend


Solo show :  JOHAN GELPER

Born in Kapellen in 1980, (Belgium). Lives and works in Gent


Botanical, 2012 / Plastic, steel, wood and epoxy / 75 x 70 x 145 cm


A Petite Film Programme

A Petite film programme contains films and videos by artists represented by the participating galleries and Weekender. During the opening hours of A Petite Fair all films will be shown in a sequence within the smallest storage area of Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art. The filmprogramme is organized by Amsterdam based initiative Weekender: www.weekenderamsterdam.com

Artist for film programme: JOHN CORNU

Born in 1976 in Seclin (France). Lives between Rennes and Paris

jcornu-osanaThe black and white video “Osana” which is entitled Osana displays the shining radiations or electromagnetic flows produced by a Telsa reel – an electric engine created over a century ago by Nikola Telsa to make a high-frequency and high-intensity alternating current.

The movie camera’s lens, which was set as close as possible to the reel, creates a group of interferences bringing on electric arcs. Emerging from the electrode in all directions, they travel all over the projection screen area, disappearing and reappearing again later composing an hypnotic ballet accompanied with an atonal and random musical score. The point here is to use the potential of an engine initially set up for scientific purposes to produce sparks in an poetic goal.

The images created owing to the Telsa reel carry an evocative power drawing its sources from the collective and popular imagination. The video refers to science fiction arts but also to offensive and defensive weapons that are available to video games players to electrocute or carbonize their target with the help of destructive (electric) shocks. It also refers to a group of scientific experiences that were popularized by the Media as well as for example Roman Signer’s artistic investigations.

Apocalyptic vision, cheering of a new world or a new order as mysterious as threatening, black sun, eclipse, nebula or destructive energy bowl, Osana engages different poetic readings and a group of daydreams where science and art come together.