August krogan-Roley

Near cited

Opening: Thursday, 16 January from 6pm to 9pm

“A traditional loom is considered to use a warp and weft(vertical and horizontal weave) to create a textile material and image. In near cited, I have created amalgamated artworks from similar, yet more habitual routine cross patterns which have been absorbed through carpet. I believe this collaging of carpet and carpet material to redefine a loom, opens a greater dialogue of parody and allegory in the canonized backdrop of tapestries/wall coverings influence on painting. To parallel this open metaphor, I have used my interest in perspectives of space to hint at a psychological context of human nature through its latent presence in the work.”

August Krogan-Roley, January 2014

Born in Minneapolis, MN, USA, 1986
Lives and Works in New-York

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