Jonathan De Winter

Harde Klontjes

Ricou Gallery is pleased to present, for the first time at the gallery, the work of the young Belgian artist Jonathan De Winter with the exhibition «Harde Klontjes» from 4 June to 16 July 2011.

In a very protean manner, Jonathan De Winter composes raw material sculptures, large scale sculptures, made of industrial and found objects mostly inhabited by music (which plays an important role in his approach), as well as paintings, questioning art history and its stake on contemporary culture.

A series of new paintings and sculptures will be displayed at the gallery, as well as in situ installation in which musicians will be performing during the opening.

Performance : Quelqu’un ramasse l’arme du crime.
Guests : Gil Kockelmans et Gerard Meurant
Saturday, June 4 : 5 pm & 7 pm